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Customer projects

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Greenhouse balcony


Experience has shown that the beloved tender plants survive the cold season in the cellar. In order to reduce your stay in this admittedly very gloomy and inhospitable environment, we have built a tailor-made home into which the "kindergarten" can move as soon as possible. This means that chillies, tomatoes and other saplings can get out in the fresh air and don't have to starve if night frosts spread goose bumps ...

Square timber with an all-weather glaze, galvanized screws and insulating twin-wall sheets defy the rain; the whole thing is simply placed on a practical shelf and fastened with clamps.


Raised garden bed in sloping position

The initial situation here was that there was not enough space in the garden for a raised bed; however, one did not want to do without home-grown vegetables. The only alternative was an unused slope.

Without further ado, the existing kit was sunk into the slope, access made easier for non-alpinists by means of a staircase and stand made of robust Douglas fir and non-slip tread plates.


Rounded off by snail edges and a slope protection made of metal, the solution enriches the table with seasonal vitamin bombs to this day.


The little Bocuse

Children love to re-enact situations from the everyday life of the grown-ups. Since they often have to be a bit more robust, sturdy constructions are usually better than mass-produced plastic ones.


Whether it's a workbench for the young carpenter or, as in this case, the workshop of an enthusiastic young cook, the possibilities are almost limitless.


And since the whole thing should also be suitable for everyday use, it was important , that the dishes can actually be washed, so the sink and worktop are waterproof.


So, as long as there is no Persian carpet underneath: Happy work!

to be continued ...
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