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Some like it hot ...


... especially when the most exclusive variety from the Capsicum Chinense genus tickles your palate. In our latitudes, this form is not as often to be found as the bigger siblings, and the rearing and manual harvest - berry by berry - is not very suitable for the masses. It is not for nothing that the peppercorn-sized berries of Charapitas are called "caviar among the chillies".


The Charapitas offered here come from our own cultivation in the greenhouse and later in the garden and are air-dried. Packed in an eprouvette made of thick-walled laboratory glass with natural cork, they not only look good on the spice rack, they are also ideal as a nice gift for the hot-blooded connoisseur.


Take a look at the matching spice rack for test tubes  at ...


SKU: G-001
2 Grams
  • Net weight: 2 grams
    Test tube: 100x16 mm, natural cork


As a small business owner within the meaning of Section 19 (1) UStG, no sales tax is charged.

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