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Surprise with a personalized packaging for a more or less high-proof present:

The desired name and (if available) the outline of the home community of the recipient is shown as a cutout on the sliding cover at the front.

All you have to do is add a suitable content (bottle not included) and watch the bottle go into the waste glass container - the packaging will certainly stay in the household.

Bottle box WALTER

SKU: P-003
  • Material: oiled oak, plywood
    Dimensions: HxWxD approx. 30x13x13 cm (clear dimension approx. 11 cm)
    If the neck of the bottle is too high: at the top there is an outlet with a diameter of 2.5 cm, which is provided with an enclosed cap when not in use.


As a small business owner within the meaning of Section 19 (1) UStG, no sales tax is charged.

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