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To BAH or not to BAH...


Since time immemorial, the sheep has been a faithful domesticated companion of man. It warms with its wool, it nourishes with its milk and the cheese made from it, not to forget (vegetarians please read over it) with its tasty meat.

And it's just insanely cute and fluffy to look at.


Especially in spring and at Easter, the lamb is a symbol of hope and -not only in the religious sense- renewal, as the animal that was tamed earliest, it is found in all cultures and throughout the history of human civilization it´s been a symbol of purity, innocence, patience and gentleness.


The Easter animal "SHEEP" is our contribution to honor the cuddly contemporaries accordingly


Easter decoration sheep

  • Material: Paulownia wood, partly stained; partly felt, wire
    Dimensions: WxHxD approx. 20x18x5  cm


As a small business owner within the meaning of Section 19 (1) UStG, no sales tax is charged.

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