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Reserve lighting

Always the same - the power goes out, the flashlight has no batteries, there was an old candle stub somewhere, but since you stopped smoking, the lighter is missing ...

It is good if this survival kit is available near the meter box, equipped with a tealight and matches with foresight.

The matchbox is well clamped and has a secure hold for rubbing, the tealight is sunk and, thanks to its handy size, you won't burn your fingers.

And the handmade item also looks good and can wander out of its hiding place onto the coffee table to lighten the mood.

Emergency lighting SOS

SKU: N-008
  • Material: Douglas fir
    Dimensions: LxWxH approx. 12x5x4 cm
    Including a tealight and matchbox


As a small business owner within the meaning of Section 19 (1) UStG, no sales tax is charged.

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